The Dividing of the Way

Phylos the Thibetan

A Dweller On Two Planets

A Dweller on Two Planets or The Dividing of the Way is a book written by Frederick S. Oliver, who was born in 1866. The book was finished in 1886 and in 1894 the manuscript was typewritten and copyrighted and again in 1899, owing to an addition. It was not published until 1905, by his mother Mary Elizabeth Manley-Oliver, six years after Oliver's death in 1899.

In the amanuensis preface, Oliver presents the book as a true account of the actual past of the true author, called "Phylos The Thibetan", otherwise identified as: "Yol Gorro" (under image in 1952 1st Bordon Pub. edition).

I was introduced to the aforementioned book by my brother Paul Gerard Befumo (right on banner); The most loyal, committed, intelligent, perceptive, and spiritually grounded soul I have ever encountered. 

The Book Amazon Doesn't Want You To Read:

After being contacted by many prospective readers who were unable to find this book at, I tried searching for it myself, using the full title, and found, to my dismay, that it didn’t show up at all.  I wrote to Amazon to question this omission, and they replied as follows: “Our content review team confirmed your book contains adult content and it is correctly categorized. Books with adult content will not appear in general product searches… When I attempted to contest this decision, pointing out that there’s nothing remotely ‘adult’ in my content that didn’t come directly from The Bible, my email was returned as undeliverable at the address they provided.


This is clearly an instance of deliberate censorship, which I am currently pursuing with the American Civil Liberties Union, and The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC.ORG).


I believe this content is of particular importance today, when evil fundamentalist evangelicals have inflicted the likes of Donald Trump, Roy Moore, and others of their ilk on the United States and the World. Accordingly, I have dropped the price of the printed version to $4.78—the minimum required to cover actual costs, of which my royalty is $0.00:

I urge everyone to read this book, and if you agree, please make a contribution to any progressive cause of your choosing.

I will also be publishing it online -- check back here for progress.

In the meantime, help support my efforts to oppose the Illegal, Immoral, Intransigent ruling junta that has usurped the constitutional government of the United States by purchasing one or more of my other books (links in left column).


Joe Befumo

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