The Dividing of the Way

Phylos the Thibetan


A Dweller On Two Planets

A Dweller on Two Planets or The Dividing of the Way is a book written by Frederick S. Oliver, who was born in 1866. The book was finished in 1886 and in 1894 the manuscript was typewritten and copyrighted and again in 1899, owing to an addition. It was not published until 1905, by his mother Mary Elizabeth Manley-Oliver, six years after Oliver's death in 1899.

In the amanuensis preface, Oliver presents the book as a true account of the actual past of the true author, called "Phylos The Thibetan", otherwise identified as: "Yol Gorro" (under image in 1952 1st Bordon Pub. edition).

I was introduced to the aforementioned book by my brother Paul Gerard Befumo; The most loyal, committed, intelligent, perceptive, and spiritually grounded soul I have ever encountered. 

I started to do a (December 19, 1955 - ....), and it suddenly hit me how his was always the only birthday I always remembered, since I remember the Zeroith with such utter clarity. Likewise I don't, and and have no desire to focus on that second date.

I still own and cherish that volume he gave me back four decades or so ago.

I immediately realized that I could easily go on here for pages and pages ... in fact ....

The Biography:

I've tried to motivate myself over the past several years to attempt a memoir sort of thing, but the truth of the matter I neither cared enough to write it, nor trusted myself sufficiently to avoid enough re-writing, whitewashing and embellishment to leave any space for credibility. But Paul would be an entirely different story (in every sense). 

Since, at least temporarily, surviving my relatively minor skirmish with malignancy, I've repeatedly asked myself two questions:

  1. Why should I, who am distantly less worthy, have survived, while my younger brother did not, and
  2. If I could complete one more project in the time I have left, what should it be?

That it took me this long to figure it out is merely a tribute to my own narcissism. 

The Plan:

The rest of this site will contain content related to my various activities, but this home page will remain dedicated to Paul. I know Paul longer than all but a few individuals left alive, and better than any, and hence consider myself uniquely qualified to depict who he is, at least from the limits of my personal perspective. 

As I work through the chapters, if my prior writing habits are any indication, I will continuously return to Introduction, refining, augmenting, streamlining, elucidating; and since the content of this page will likely serve as start of that prefatory chapter, I will probably let it develop right on this page, in plain view of all.

If what you see inclines you to read more, you will buy the book when it's finished, and I will donate all proceeds to a cause about which I am certain Paul would approve.

Check back often.
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