Defending Nazis

Defending Nazis
By J.P. Befumo


‘Nazi’, ‘Fascist’, ‘Anarchist’. . . these loaded words carry an emotional, visceral judgement of evil, depravity, violence; much the same way that mere utterance of the words ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ bring a tear of pride to the eye, even though most of us know that many injustices have been perpetrated under the auspices of these abstractions.

Focusing for the moment on the historical German Nazis of the late 1930s thru the 1940s, it’s not only fair and reasonable to assume that the majority of German people did not support the atrocities perpetrated by their government, but a supposition thoroughly validated by historical records; despite the fact that many were nominally members of the Nazi Party.

For many, party affiliation was undoubtedly a matter of self-preservation. For others it was likely a simple question of ignorance and indifference, much the way Americans tout their Democratic or Republican membership, regardless of the mischief both parties perpetrate with appalling regularity.

Aside from the vast, indifferent masses, there were two contingents that demand closer scrutiny.

Claus von Stauffenberg

Oscar Shindler

The first consists of those who saw the evil for what it was and actively opposed it. Oscar Shindler, the German Industrialist and Nazi Party member who risked his own life and wellbeing by
saving the lives of over 1200 Jews, and whose story was dramatized in the movie Shindler’s List, is a prime example. Another is Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, German officer and Nazi Party member whose attempted assassination of Adolph Hitler was told in the movie Valkyrie. The attempt failed, and Stauffenberg was executed for his actions. Though these two are most familiar to today’s public, there were many, many like them who were labeled as traitors for their active resistance to that evil government and its actions.

The second group was the diametric opposite of the first. It consisted of those who wholeheartedly embraced the actions of Hitler’s vision, and eagerly enlisted as SS, concentration camp
guards, commandants, and so forth. Typified by the likes of Josef Mengele, Ilse Koch (‘The Bitch of Buchenwald’), John Demjanjuk (‘Ivan the Terrible), Adolph Eichman, and others of that Ilk, these were vile sadists, pure and simple. Were they not operating under the auspices of an established government, they would have been the Ted Bundys, the Richard Specs, the Aileen Wuornoses, and the Charles Mansons of their day. They were evil, vile, antisocial animals, plain and simple.

Now, let us shift our attention to today’s Nazis – whether they call themselves ‘skinheads’, or ‘alt-right’, or any other whitewashed euphemistic sobriquet. Which group do they most closely

The answer is so obvious as to render the question rhetorical: Indeed, the majority of them have historically pledged allegiance to, and modeled their ‘philosophies’ after, Adolph Hitler himself! Although more recently, they have toned down their rhetoric (if only slightly), and attempted to justify their hate behind a façade of pseudo-principles such as ‘state rights’ and ‘small government’ and various religious absurdities, the truth should be clear to anyone with even the slightest modicum of perception: What they want is a ‘society’ in which they can be the SS, and the prison officials whose desires to rape, torture, and murder can be engaged with official sanction.

Anyone who doubts this assessment need only look as far as the actions perpetrated when they did have some degree of support: The lynchings of the KKK, the dragging of innocent African-Americans behind their ramshackle pickup trucks, the slaughter of gay students, the bombing of churches… 

Watch any post-apocalyptic fictional movie – Mad Max, The Road Warrior, etc., and you will get a clear, and completely accurate picture of the kind of people we’re dealing with here. These are the ugly, violent, wretched animals who have never been capable of functioning in a peaceful society, and will do everything they can to hasten the collapse of civilization so they can (as they anticipate) finally come into their own to run amuck and indulge their basest proclivities.

The great weakness of civilized citizens, and the one most likely to result in their demise, is the naive assumption that they are dealing with rational, intelligent human beings, capable of reason and imbued with basic human decency. They are not!

The Jewish denizens of the Warsaw Ghetto were so easily rounded up and carted away because they never, in their wildest imaginations, guessed that people could be so totally depraved. I daresay there were those who believe they could reason with barbarian hordes, with Genghis Kahn, or Attla the Hun. Recall the apocryphal story of the great mathematician Archimedes, who, when confronted by an armed soldier, tried to reason with him by drawing mathematical symbols in the sand. The soldier took his sword and slew the harmless mathematician on the spot.

One final observation in closing: These people have been arming themselves, and training with their weapons for decades. They have never, and will never, succumb to any legal attempts to disarm them, and in this respect, they are unquestionably right: There will always be violent aggressors who will never respect the rights of others. Sometimes those aggressors are simple street thugs. Sometimes they wear uniforms and flash badges. Sometimes they call themselves a militia or a movement. Regardless of the details, one thing is inevitable: they will kill, enslave, torture and rape anyone who is not prepared to defend themselves.