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Exceptional!: Heroes, Hypocrites, and the American Mythos

Since its founding in 2006, Wikileaks has released over 1.2 million documents, exposing the deceit, treachery, and criminal acts of governments and corporations alike. Unfortunately, digesting this mountainous volume of information is akin to searching an unalphabetized, unindexed encyclopedia for a specific piece of data. This book is an attempt to turn an even more extensive body of data into comprehensible, comprehensive information on a critical and timely topic: The reality versus the myths of the concept known as ‘American Exceptionalism’. For far too long, a duplicitous cabal of proven liars, criminals, and enemies of decency have conspired to usurp the Constitutional government of the United States, turning this once great nation into the very antithesis of everything our Founding Fathers designed and desired it to be. In so doing, they have conspired to invert our concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, heroism and hypocrisy, into their diametric opposites, in order to serve their own nefarious agendas. Hence, we have been manipulated into believing that those who murder innocents, rape, torture, and mutilate are honored heroes, while those who expose these evils, often at great personal risk, are condemned as traitors, when precisely the opposite is true. As revealed in this book, this is not new. Indeed, it has been a recurring theme throughout our history, but it is one that MUST be rejected if we are ever to truly BECOME the paragon of virtue and decency portrayed by our collective self-image. We will NEVER be able to claim the title “”Land of the Free and Home of the Brave’, so long as we are manipulated into subjugating our freedoms in favor of illusory security; or honoring as heroes, craven, cowardly thugs who slaughter innocents thousands of miles away, while lounging in the safety and comfort of their cozy cubicles, coffee mugs in one hand, deadly joysticks in the other, and photos of their families smiling back from their desktops. Regardless of political persuasion, ALL honest Americans must face the truth, and must recognize that those who SAY they represent us, manifestly do not.

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