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The Republicrat Junta

The Republicrat Junta - How Two Corrupt Parties, in Collusion with Corporate Criminals, Have Subverted Democracy, Deceived the People, and Hijacked our Constitutional Government

“Republicrat” is a portmanteau word comprised of the names of the two main political parties in the United States:the Republicans and the Democrats. The term is used pejoratively by those on both the right and left who allege that the policies of these ‘two’ parties are,in practice,indistinguishable,and so form essentially one party with two names.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans are peddling the exact same deception;and that bill of goods is that the Republicans represent the interests,values,and will of Conservative Americans,and the Democrats represent the interests,values,and will of Liberal Americans.

In his 1949 masterpiece,1984,George Orwell wrote that “It does not matter whether the war is actually happening,and,since no decisive victory is possible,it does not matter whether the war is going well or badly. All that is needed is that a state of war should exist….”

Similarly,in the current Republicrat Junta,the perpetual skirmishes over a spectrum of issues are completely irrelevant as far as those in power are concerned. Their sole value is as a distraction,keeping the eyes of the electorate so fixed upon their enemies/neighbors,that they will overlook the continual chicanery of those whom they have elected to represent them. The reason,of course,is that any substantive alteration of the status quo would negatively impact the real interests of ‘both’ parties:the continued growth of multi-national corporations,in both wealth and political power.

The purpose of this book,therefore,is to explore the many ways in which the various sides agree—or would agree,if they weren’t being so shamelessly manipulated so their knee-jerk reaction is always:“if he/she is for that,then I’m against it!” For those areas on which we will never agree (and there are many),I think it’s possible for us to at least begin to understand that those holding opposing beliefs may actually have reasons for their positions,even if we have reached alternative conclusions.

What will emerge is that all honest men of integrity have far more in common with each other,and with the will of the majority of the American People,than with any member from either deputation of today’s corrupt ruling junta.

I firmly believe that if we can all approach this topic with open minds,the inevitable result will be a level of outrage that will allow us to join forces,even if temporarily,and finally oust these treacherous prevaricators who have seized control of this noble nation,and take back what is rightfully ours!

Every judge,lawyer,lawmaker,and law enforcement official in our country swears an oath to support our Constitution,to recognize it as the supreme law of our land,and to uphold only those laws that are in conformity with the Constitution. To violate his oath by subrogating the Constitution to conflicting legislation,or by ignoring its safeguards to further any other policy,is a usurpation of the only legitimate form of government recognized by the People. Disregarding or ignoring the Constitution,or treating its mandates with indifference,is essentially a coup d’etat. Purposely violating one’s oath of office to uphold the Constitution as the supreme law of the land is akin to levying war against the legitimate,Constitutional government. Violating one’s oath of office adheres to and aids the enemies of Constitutional government;in other words,it is nothing short of treason.

As proven in this book,these two corrupt parties, in collusion with corporate criminals,have Subverted Democracy,Deceived the People,and in every sense of the word,executed a coup d’etat against the Constitutional Government of the United States.