Layout and Schematics



You might notice that the board layout of this amp is not nearly as refined as most of my 'production' models. The reason is that this is an evolutionary design that has served as my personal amplifier and test bed for many years. In its current format, the board was originally a commercially built eyelet board intended to be a Fender (AB763) Super Reverb, which I never bothered to build. Rather than let a perfectly functional epoxy board go to waste, I installed my own design on it. Hence, some of the components aren't situated in a perfect North-South or East-West orientation. The build started out cathode-biased, but I switched to fixed (adjustable) bias for more power and punch, so consequently, the fixed-bias supply resides on a small daughter-board (greed board, center-bottom). Similarly, I added the inductor-based middle control later in the development process, so it also resides on a perforated daughter-board (far right).  Rather than document some idealized layout that I will use in the event that I ever build another to this design (which I might), I painstakingly documented the board precisely as it currently exists, cross-referenced to the schematic (which is fully refined.) Hence, there should be no issues whatsoever with future maintenance,