JPB-22SE (Fat Prince)

The impetus for this design was a desire to take the features that make the early Fender tweed Champ such a desirable recording amp but scale it up to  least the power of a Fender Deluxe (~22W).

Fender's tweed Deluxe™ amp is widely regarded as the holy grail of vintage tone machines. I've always loved the aesthetic of the rare 'TV-Front' model, and so I chose to appropriate it for the SE-22SE.

Like the vintage model that inspired it, this is a 1X12 combo, offering power output of 22 Watts. That, however, is where the resemblance ends. Whereas the original made its power from a pair of 6V6 tubes in push-pull configuration, the SE-22 utilizes a mighty Genelex Gold Lion KT-88 in true Class-A, single-ended topology. 

The first preamp stage is a 6DJ8-powered totem-pole arrangement, right out of the Cascodyne Architecture, however since single-ended amps don't utilize a phase inverter, the (catho)dyne aspect of the architecture really doesn't apply. In its place, the circuit utilizes an EF-86 small-signal pentode as part of its two-stage preamp, resulting in an absolute tone monster.

Fat Prince is a 22W, single-ended, Class-A combo guitar amplifier with 12" Celestion speaker.

I built the prototype in an off-the-shelf Tweed Princeton chassis, and hence the name, but decided that production models would utilize a more commodious Deluxe chassis to match the cabinet.

Original Fat Prince Prototype.

This cabinet for the prototype is solid pine with solid maple framing. Covering is 24-Oz hammock canvas (approximately twice the weight of the original tweed covering fabric), finished with shellac and spar varnish.  Corners are NOS units from an old steamer trunk restoration supplier.  Leather handle is from the same source. Production models will reside in professionally built cabinets.

Controls consist of on-standby-off, gain, bass, treble, and a 'penalty-free' volume control which replaces the essential grid load resistor in the power section so as to avoid any unnecessary signal loss when turned all the way up. 

Price: $1,995.00