JPB-40 (Lil' Dragon)

“Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.” 
― Bruce Lee (The Little Dragon), Tao of Jeet Kune Do


  • Fender Tweed Champ form factor.
  • One custom made Weber Vintage 50W 8" speaker
  • Tubes: 1-6dW7, 1-6SL7GT, 2-EL34
  • 40W, Cathode Biased with tube-balance control
  • Flexable Baxandal bass/treble controls
  • Unique design, unique tone—NOT A CLONE OR KNOCK-OFF
  • American-made (Edcor) power and output transformers
  • Completely hand wired using highest quality components.
  • Hauls with one hand.
  • Pushes largest cabinets with ease.
  • Ample power for small/medium gigs with band/drummer.
  • Extended clean headroom handles pedals perfectly.
  • Extensive documentation included to protect your investment.
  • Maximum flexibility with minimal complexity.

Prototype Description

The unit illustrated above was my prototype for the model, and was housed in a re-purposed cabinet from a solid-state practive amp.

The first time people see Little Dragon in person, their immediate reaction is amazement at how much smaller it is than it appears in the pictures, so here's one that should help put it into perspective:

Other than the 40W 2 X EL-34, cathode-biased power section, and a heavier speaker, this uses the same circuit as the JPB-24 - Mahasha.